self defense workout class schedule


Personal Training

personal training

We specialize in 1 on 1 sessions for weight loss, increased strength, muscle growth, and mobility. We are one of Hampton Road’s best, using Boxing and Kickboxing techniques to increase our clients’ fitness level. We also offer a wide variety of fitness packages that will fit into anyone’s budget.

Small Group Training

small group training Virginia Beach

Have family, friends, or co-workers that you’d like to workout with? Try our small group packages and save. Great for team building and added motivation.


kickboxing Virginia Beach

The most diverse cardio kickboxing class you’ll ever take, Korekick is a mixture of kickboxing, circuit training, strength training, and H.I.I.T , wrapped up in one package.


lifting class

The ultimate in glute and leg sculpting, this class will help you get those booty gains!

Strength & Conditioning

personal training help

Get bigger, stronger, and faster in our strength and conditioning course. Great for anyone ready to take their fitness to the next level.

MMA Fundamentals

fighting class Virginia Beach

Learn the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts from Ultimate Fighter, Antwain “The Juggernaut” Britt.